“Dis­parate Pre-​Owned Air­craft Mar­kets Emerge”

A wide dis­par­ity exists in today’s pre-​owned busi­ness air­craft mar­ket, and just about any adjec­tive will accu­rately describe some part of the market.

Great can be used to describe late-​model large-​cabin global busi­ness jets, which include mod­els such as the Global XRS, Das­sault Fal­con 7X and Gulf­stream G550.

Then there is the awful when deal­ing with a legacy busi­ness jet punch­ing through its 30th anniver­sary of service.

For a while now, there have been at least two dis­tinct mar­kets. This sce­nario is not news, yet many in this indus­try seem puz­zled about mar­ket dynamics.

Why does the pre-​owned mar­ket appear to be good, bad and con­fused? The answer is the closed traf­fic pat­tern around the econ­omy. As the recov­ery stum­bles along, con­fi­dence remains shaky. We can’t break out of the pat­tern. To make mat­ters murkier, the pre­sea­son pres­i­den­tial elec­tion ral­lies are in full swing with the all-​out cam­paigns next. Oh joy.

For this edi­tion of Mar­ket­line, I could not find an angle that hasn’t already been explored by some­one else. I went to the Blue­book archives and pulled out an Air­craft Blue­book Mar­ket­line from 1992 for inspi­ra­tion, and I think I have found a good way to pre­dict what’s next in the econ­omy. Even in this lethar­gic eco­nomic recov­ery, what goes around comes around. His­tor­i­cally, there has always been an eco­nomic recov­ery fol­lowed by a peak and then another slow down.

Mar­ket­line has done a pretty good job at report­ing trends. The pre-​owned mar­ket knows its posi­tion in this cycle. Some­one out there is bound to make the cal­cu­lated deci­sion to buy now rather than later real­iz­ing the upswing is on the way.

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